Specialty Groups

IES Commercial & Industrial offers specified services across the country

Overview of Specialty Groups

IES has the capability and experience to provide electrical and mechanical services for niche markets.

Select branch locations are able to provide service to specialty markets and provide capabilities to aid specific project needs. As a whole, IES Commercial & Industrial has experience in transmission and distribution, solar energy, telecommunications, data centers, and residential (multi-family). We also provide mobile project teams that are able to travel around the country to provide electrical and mechanical services.

Transmission and Distribution

Our Transmission and Distribution group are experienced in municipal utility voltage conversions and substation projects. The group is geographically located around Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming, Eastern Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri and Minnesota.


IES Commercial and Industrial is capable of installing and maintaining solar energy stations from commercial to residential markets. Jobs include electrical systems for a 570-kilowatt solar array on a new warehouse distribution facility and even 185-unit solar neighborhood in Nevada.

Mobile Project Teams

Regardless of location, our highly skilled and trained project and financial managers utilize a custom-designed project management process to ensure time, costs and materials are efficiently managed and performance goals are met.


IES Commercial and Industrial has the capabilities and experience to perform projects that require low voltage and telecommunication integration. We will are able to install and maintain systems for your communications and day to day activities in the commercial and industrial markets.