Charlotte, North Carolina

STR Mechanical, LLC

Company Overview

In 2016, IES Commercial & Industrial acquired STR Mechanical, LLC (STR Mechanical).

This location provides commercial and industrial services including maintenance, repair, replacement and temperature control system installations. STR Mechanical operates throughout Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. With over 50 years of combined experience in HVAC systems, STR Mechanical continues to be a leader in the field. STR Mechanical ensures clients are properly serviced by providing comprehensive service on all HVAC and mechanical equipment. By offering full service maintenance, STR Mechanical save clients unnecessary cost, production and energy loss. To learn more about STR Mechanical, visit their website.

Capabilities and Service Offerings

How STR Mechanical can service your next project

Preventative Maintenance

Agreements are based on a series of scheduled maintenance on equipment in order to prevent major failures in HVAC systems. This will include all labor and material in order to keep the system up to date. Regular inspections are also included inside of the maintenance agreements. If any break down does occur, STR Mechanical will respond accordingly with the proper service.

Labor Maintenance

This service also offers complete coverage to maintain mechanical systems. All scheduled maintenance and materials are included. General repair, full emergency repair and labor will be provided inside of a maintenance agreement.

Full Service Maintenance

HVAC systems are large investments and maintaining the quality of systems should be a priority. In order to protect this investment STR Mechanical provides full service maintenance on all mechanical and HVAC systems. Planned or unplanned services and repairs are covered through a full service maintenance agreement which can be set at a fixed yearly rate.


STR Mechanical, LLC

If you have any questions concerning STR Mechanical or any of our services, please let us know.


STR Mechanical, LLC

If you have any questions concerning STR Mechanical, LLC or any of our services, please let us know


STR Mechanical
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