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Branch Overview

IES Suffolk is a commercial electrical contractor that offers electrical installation, service and maintenance

This office operates through design-build, design-assist, and plan-spec project delivery methods. Our Suffolk location is also able to provide prefabrication services in order to aid our jobs in the area. IES Suffolk primarily operates within data center, large multifamily residential, solar, manufacturing, higher education, government, healthcare, hospitality, and office market segments through out Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, the Carolinas and surround areas.

If you have any questions regarding IES Suffolk, please contact Director of Operations Mark Sonnett.

Featured Project

Specialty Chemical New Headquarters Facility

This 700,000+ square foot facility is located in Richmond, Virginia. IES Suffolk provided electrical build and installation.


We provide the following services and project delivery methods

Design Build
IES Suffolk will maintain full responsibility for the pre-construction, design, construction and final delivery of the project. This method will allow for a smoother project schedule and overall timeline for completion. We will work directly with the client to ensure the project expectations are met.

Design Assist
IES Suffolk will coordinate with architects and engineers in order to provide a complete project solution for our clients. We will take a proactive approach in coordination with all other contractors and designers to ensure any and all conflicts are resolved. Our team members have an absolute understanding of timing and how it impacts your project specific to the design phase.

Demand Service Maintenance
IES Suffolk offers on-demand electrical maintenance on our systems and construction. If our clients experience any issue on any aspect of our design during production, we will work to provide a solution.

Our Suffolk location has prefabrication capabilities that services local projects. We are able to keep material cost low, manage our labor effectively, and maintain tight project schedules.

Project Portfolio

IES Suffolk’s most recent projects

IES Suffolk primarily offers commercial electrical services in data center, large multifamily residential, solar, manufacturing, higher education, government, healthcare, hospitality, and office market segments. We have provided assistance to jobs across the state of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding areas. Below are a few of our recent projects.

Awards and Membership

Our service is backed by industry memberships and awards in safety.

Here at IES Suffolk, we stand behind our work and our proud of our employees. Our accomplishments are a direct result of our unwavering commitment to safety and attention to detail on our project sites.

Safety Awards

2016 ABC Paragon Safety Award
2016 ABC STEP Platinum Award for Safety Excellence
2015 ABC Paragon Safety Award
2015 ABC STEP Platinum Award for Safety Excellence
2014 IEC/CNA Safety Award


IES Suffolk, Virginia

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