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Branch Overview

IES’s Greenville Industrial Division has provided industrial electrical and instrumentation services throughout the continental United States for over fifty years.

Our contracting experience includes the installation of both low and medium voltage electrical systems, the installation of instrumentation including calibration and process controls along with assistance for start-up and checkout. Lump sum fixed price, time and material, not to exceed with a fixed fee, and unit price projects are examples of past contracting methods. IES Greenville has extensive experience in Pulp and Paper, Power Plants, Food Processing, Refineries, Mining, Chemical Facilities, Gas Processing/Transmission, Pharmaceutical, Tire, Auto and many other manufacturing industries.

To learn more about IES Greenville, please contact General Manager Jack Roberts.

Featured Project

Industry Specialty Gas Air Separation Unit

Located in Meridian, Mississippi, IES performed electrical instrumentation and installation.


We provide the following services

Electrical Construction Installation
With over 50 years of industrial electrical and instrumentation construction experience, IES Greenville is able to service industrial projects from the ground up. We have dedicated project managers and experienced field personnel to make sure the project is completed within time constraints and specifications are met.


IES Greenville is capable of assisting projects in on going and preventative maintenance to ensure that the overall functionality is sustained.

Project Portfolio

IES Greenville’s most recent projects

IES Greenville primarily operates in industrial and manufacturing facilities. We have experience in chemical, food and beverage, refining, minerals and mining, pharmaceutical, power, pulp and paper, fiberglass and automotive markets.

Awards and Membership

Our service is backed by industry memberships and awards in safety.

Here at IES Greenville, we stand behind our work and our proud of our employees.  Our accomplishments are a direct result of our unwavering commitment to safety and attention to detail on our project sites. Here are our most recent awards.

Safety Awards

2016 Safety ABC Diamond Step Award
2016 ABC Step Award (Gold and Platinum Level)


IES Greenville, South Carolina

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